Free PC Games

There are a bunch of free PC games to choose from. They range from block-builders to card battles. Whether you’re looking for something to play with your kids or for your next office party, you’re sure to find a title that suits you.

If you’re looking for a free game that doesn’t require an Xbox to play, you might want to check out Eve Online. This space-based MMO is a fun free online multiplayer experience. You can even participate in occasional space battles with thousands of pilots.

Another option for the game-obsessed is a free online board game called Catan. It’s been a hit for over 20 years. Featuring a variety of mini-games, it’s a great way to spend an evening with friends.

Finally, there’s a free auto-battler game based on League of Legends characters. In this game, you and your friends place your character on a chess-like board and then attempt to knock out opponents.

All in all, it’s a surprisingly challenging and rewarding experience. Even though it’s free, you’ll still have to shell out a few bucks for some of the game’s more advanced features.

The most dazzling feature of this game is its ability to create procedurally-generated levels. Its physics-based simulation makes it feel like you’re playing an old-school video game. And its slick controls make for a fun experience.

Despite its limited content, a free account will let you take a gander at the best of what AirConsole has to offer. Some of the other features include a unique editor option, a tonne of great games to play and the ability to link to other mobile apps.