First-time buyers in Fulham: How Estate agents can help you navigate the property market

Buying a property for the first time can be a formidable task for many. A first-timer may also worry about being unaware of the necessary tactical steps to be taken during the process of purchasing a property. This is where a professional estate agent can guide you through the entire process with his expertise and make sure that your journey is smooth and quick. Our estate agents in Fulham can assist you and remove any stumbling blocks in the process for a seamless process.

Here are some great tips for first-time buyers and how an estate agent can steer you through the ordinary mistakes a buyer makes.

Benefits of being a first-time buyer

It may be weird but not having bought any property can actually be beneficial for you. Government offers schemes and programs to encourage people to take the first step on the property ladder. They may include a reduction in down payments, getting tax breaks and loans provided by the government. For instance, the Federal government offers a  Help to buy scheme for first-timers where, they can make a downpayment of 5% and can borrow 20% of the total cost of their property, without paying interest for the first five years and can borrow up to 40% if they live in London.

Financial awareness 

Buyers need to take a good look at their monthly expenditures, savings and their income as a whole to assess how much can they afford, as loan repayments per month. An agent will educate them on getting preapproved loans so that they are taken at face value as serious buyers by the sellers. Also, the difference between preapproved and prequalified would be made clear to the first-timers by an agent. Preapproval will give clarity to the buyers on how eligible they are for the mortgage and how much they can borrow.

Good credit 

An estate agent may encounter a buyer who has been facing credit issues. A good estate agent can guide you towards a credit repair company that can help you sort it out unless the credit issue is a serious one.

What the buyer wants 

An agent will find it much easier to assist you after he understands your requirements for a home. Whether you would want to commute or not? What kind of neighbourhood you are looking for, and do you want a home which needs some attention? An expert agent with experience will guide you regarding the costs that will occur if you go for a home which needs a lot of care or whether it may be too much work for you, cost-wise not worth your money.

Remove the hurdles 

The processes involved in purchasing can be confusing, with decisions to make and deadlines to meet, a first-timer can find it stressful. A good agent will sort out all the queries and confusions of the buyer and simplify the process, which might seem chaotic and complex to them. A Dearth of inventory can be the most challenging aspect for a first-time buyer, a great agent will always be aware whenever a new inventory arrives in the market and would immediately contact the clients. Your agent will always ensure due diligence on all the necessary steps which are to be followed while making decisions, even if you are hard-pressed for time, and want to make immediate decisions. A good agent will not let you make any mistakes, even if you are unaware of them.


Being assisted through an expert authority on property matters can help first-time buyers immensely in their journey, especially during the time you make an offer and afterwards during the negotiation of the prices. Home inspections can sometimes be the stumbling blocks faced during negotiations, a good agent will educate you if you start going off track and start having obstructive expectations.

Seal the deal 

Things do not end after a deal is finalised, a good agent will make a first-time buyer aware of the financial costs to be borne by them like moving costs, insurance, maintenance bills, property taxes and more as they move ahead. An excellent agent will support you even after the deal is done, they will guide you if you need help in contacting tradesmen and contractors for any work required in your new home. 


Hiring an estate agent can help you in multifold ways and make your property purchase journey, smooth, stress-free and enjoyable! Contact us for any further queries regarding the sale or buying of property.